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9 января 2020 Санкт-Петербург
We are innoscripta, an innovative company from Munich, Germany. We scout bright ideas and transform them into high-end projects. We look for scientific breakthroughs and help them turn into reality. We are entrepreneurs with passion for science and modern technologies.

Our core business model can be briefly described as follows: we connect researchers from scientific communities all over Germany with those companies and enterprises, that are in need of cost-saving modern technologies. Since 2012 we have completed more than 2000 projects in various areas of interest and expanded from 1-person company to a full-scale innovative machine with more than 100 employees, including 20 developers.

Now we are launching our own IT-department and we consider it as a next step in our international growth — first office in Russia, Saint-Petersburg and has already been established and a new branch in Mumbai, India on its way. Our plans for the nearest future include development of CRM-system and initial data scrapping for our own commercial search engine.

We are looking for open-minded and passionate people (with various experience or qualification), who are willing to invest their efforts into professional and personal development. We offer internship programs in our Munich office for all high-achieving candidates. Salary depends on test results and always is a subject for revision due to solid performance.

What we expect from the candidate:
•You love programming and you are a team player
•You speak English or German very well
•You are intellectually curious and flexible

Our main stack

Our additional interest:
•Python (ML, Data Mining, NLTK)
•RabbitMQ or Kafka
•NoSQL DB (MongoDB, Cassandra, etc.)

Even if your stack is not a complete match, do not hesitate to contact us.

Did we manage to spark your interest? Тhen apply now.
Please send us your CV via mail to
Cover letter and employer references are more than welcome.

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